Certified Secondary Education Teacher

Company Name:
Cherokee Nation
Responsibilities include instructing students in one or more subjects, administering and grading tests, preparing lesson plans and supplies, maintaining discipline in classroom and maintaining records and files. Analyzes performance and instructs student athletes in game strategies and techniques to prepare them for athletic competition.
1. Teachers responsibility as a citizen.
Assumes full responsibility as a citizen by teaching a true sense of respect and allegiance to the United States of America.
Bases the instructional program around the concept that the fundamental purpose of public education is to produce an enlightened citizenry, so that the ideals of democracy may be perpetuated.
Provides opportunities for students to make responsible decisions based upon reliable facts and information.
Develops in students the power of critical thinking.
Stresses the concept of individual responsibility inherent in a democracy.
Instils in pupil those rudiments of good citizenship; namely love and respect for each other, their homes, their school, and their country.
2. Teacher''s understanding of children and concern for them.
Carefully examines and makes use of all available evidence concerning each child, tests, health records, socioeconomic evidence and permanent records.
Be fair with pupils'' interests and their anxieties.
Helps pupils develop a sense of security and self-confidence.
Finds time to allow for a student''s personal needs as a part of stimulating his/her intellectual growth.
Seeks to motivate children so their interest will broaden and deepen to expand their self- education throughout life.
Be fair with the child who conforms and the one who does not.
Respect the diversity of religious beliefs of all pupils.
3. Teachers must be successful in classroom planning.
Plan so that maximum learning will be achieved for each student.
Organizes and prepares lesson plans as directed by the building principal.
Applies known and accepted principles of child growth and development.
Organizes work.
Be informed and current on the subject matter.
Method of presentation and development must provide a challenge for the fast learner and, at the same time, instruction for slower learning child.
Be willing to try new and different teaching techniques and materials, so that maximum results are produces with ever child in the class.
Classroom atmosphere.
There must be evidence of purposeful activity in the classroom.
Interest and challenge the students to the extent that every child is anxious to participate in the lesson.
Stimulate pupils to think, to evaluate information and to sustain conclusions.
Be considerate of pupils'' feelings; refrain from use of sarcasm or ridicule in front of the rest of the class.
Allow no put-downs from students.
Command the respect of the pupils.
4. Professional Attitude.
Be able to work harmoniously with colleagues.
Accept responsibility and offer services for extracurricular activities that would contribute to the welfare of students and the profession.
Strives to make continuous educational advancement in one''s teaching field through study and/or travel.
Welcome suggestions on how to improve self and teaching.
Be aware of improved methods of teaching in the subject matter area.
Constantly re-evaluate teaching in light of the children''s achievements.
Welcome constructive evaluation of professional performance.
5. Teacher acceptance of the standards and responsibilities of teaching in the public schools.
Good Health.
Clean neat appearance.
Regular and prompt attendance in school.
Breadth of interest, (community, profession, pupils).
Self-control, (calmness, dignity, poise, reserve).
Good judgment, (discretion, foresight, insight, intelligence).
Leadership (kindness, sympathy, tact, unselfishness).
Forcefulness, (courage, decisiveness, firmness, independence, purpose).
Scholarship (intellectual curiosity).
Enthusiasm, (alertness, inspiration, spontaneity).
Open mindedness
Industry (patience, perseverance)
Cooperation (helpful, loyalty)
Consideration (appreciativeness, courtesy, kindness, sympathy, tact, unselfishness)
Other responsibilities include:
Ability to keep records accurately
Ability to follow through an administrative policy requests
Ability to work wisely and effectively with parents and other adults, both within the staff and within the community.
Participation in community-school activities.
Other duties as assigned by supervisor/principal.
Bachelor''s degree from 4-year college or university; no substitutions.
Must possess a valid state teaching certificate in the area of subjects taught.
Coaches may be required to obtain and maintain a Class B CDL with air breaks and passenger endorsement and a bus driving certificate.
Must possess a valid driver''s license with a driving history verified through a motor vehicle report that meets requirements for Cherokee Nation underwriting rating.
Date: 2014-06-16
Country: US
State: OK
City: Tahlequah
Postal Code: 74465
Job Type: Regular Full-Time

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